Residential Dog Services

It’s time to take back your backyard! We offer weekly, monthly and bi-monthly scooping service. With Doody Sergeant Pet Waste Removal Service, you can wash your hands of the whole “clean up” business. More than just a pooper scooper company, our technicians can treat brown spots and even deodorize, disinfect your yard, patio or deck that smells of dog urine or other pet related odor in addition to scooping your yard. We’re here to clean up after your pet and make sure your lawn is a safe and clean place for your family to enjoy all year around. Doody Sergeant Service starts at around the same price as a large pizza and there are no contracts or commitments.

  • Uniformed Professionals
  • Poop Scoop & Haul Away
  • Deodorizer - Sanitizer - Disinfectant
  • Gate Secured
  • Email or Text Notification of Gate Secured

Community Dog Services

Doody Sergeant is the recognized industry leader in managing pet waste for communities, homeowners associations, apartments, and condominiums. We specialize in complete pet dog waste station management from sales and installation to maintenance, even supplies. Our team also offers common area cleaning with our community pooper scooper and goose poop removal services. Doody Sergeant has all the supplies you need including dog poop bags, bag dispensers and dog waste bins. We are dedicated to providing pet waste education for communities of all sizes. Our team works alongside community managers to create an effective and affordable pet waste management plan to meet the community’s needs.

Learn more about keeping pet waste at bay in your community

  • Licensed & Insured
  • Uniformed Professional
  • Pet Waste Station & Management
  • HOA, Apartment Communities, Condo, Public Parks, Recreation Areas